The Importance of Average Order Value (AOV)

Article about how average order value can drive operating profitability for ecommerce physical consumer goods


Decision Making and Cognitive Bias

Brief article on 8 common cognitive biases that impact our business decision making

Successful Monetization: Customer Lifetime Value & Acquisition Cost

In our article Top 3 Reasons Why New Businesses Fail, we highlighted the importance of understanding Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC), and Customer Lifetime Value (CLV). Optimizing the CLV-CAC relationship is vital if you want to build a sustainable business model and make smarter investments by focusing on your most important customer segments. Our goal here is to…

Top 3 Reasons Why New Businesses Fail

There are three major reasons why most businesses fail, and fail often within the first five years. This article highlights these reasons, and touches upon how to avoid these issues.

Contribution Margin: a key concept

Understanding breakeven points and contribution margins are fundamental to successful and profitable business financial execution. This article explains what contribution margin is, using a simple and easy to follow example, and also how it is calculated.