Case: Webvan – A cautionary tale about breakeven analysis & the misguided use of “if you build it, they will come.”

Case analysis of why WebVan failed due to inability to break even and a lack of understanding of its target customers’ preferences


Breakeven Analysis: from loss to profit

How to perform breakeven analysis in order to calculate how much in sales you must generate in order to cover your fixed costs

Contribution Margin: a key concept

Understanding breakeven points and contribution margins are fundamental to successful and profitable business financial execution. This article explains what contribution margin is, using a simple and easy to follow example, and also how it is calculated.

Business Plans: what to include & how to write them

Business planning is a critical process where one examines and articulates the potential of their business idea and how it will become a reality. Financial projections and other strategic elements combine to create a compelling presentation that validates one’s vision, and can convince investors, lenders, and potential customers to take part in your journey.